Freezer attached Ambulance

    Our Freezer box is effectively designed in order to prevent from tissue decomposition. Our freezer box is widely spread to hospital, home and funeral places. We assure to provide the freezer box at the destination place in fast and studious manner. Our Boxes are used to transfer dead bodies without any kind of decomposition and moved towards long distance. We also offer A/C Freezer Boxto preserve the dead body at your residence. Emergency freezer box are provided for the people who are in need at an affordable rent.

    Regular Freezer Box has been specifically designed for preservation of corpse from tissue decomposition. This freezer box can be easily carried into home/funeral place/hospital. These Boxes are used to transfer the dead with dignity, and also ensure proper measures against decomposition the single important factor when moving over long distances. We also offer A/C Freezer Box to preserve the dead body at your residence.


Jai and Co Ambulance Service with its specially trained, emergency service and intensive care experienced physicians, anesthesia technicians and nurse and ambulances equipped with intensive care capabilities of emergency care, which are comparative to international standards, reach patients in the shortest time period. In addition, our ambulance services also cater to patients who need to be shifted to other places on a non-emergency basis.


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