Advance Life Support Ambulance

  • ALS is fully equipped to handle patients needing life support.
  • ALS Ambulanceis well equipped with tools and equipment similar to a hospital emergency department or critical care unit.
  • ALS ambulances carry critical care equipment including an ECG monitor, defibrillator, intravenous and blood draw tools etc.
  • ALS Ambulance is staffed by highly trained paramedics ready to be dispatched to emergency situations where patients require a higher level of care.
  • The fiber reinforced plastic is designed to prevent bacterial growth inside the ambulance, which can lead to deadly infections.
  • The ambulance is provided with separate sections for storing defibrillator, cardiac monitor & ventilator.
  • The highly spacious interiors of the ambulance, houses mount for syringe pumps and installing central gas management system.
  • ALS Ambulance recommended for transporting cardiac emergencies andserious patients battling for life.


Jai and Co Ambulance Service with its specially trained, emergency service and intensive care experienced physicians, anesthesia technicians and nurse and ambulances equipped with intensive care capabilities of emergency care, which are comparative to international standards, reach patients in the shortest time period. In addition, our ambulance services also cater to patients who need to be shifted to other places on a non-emergency basis.


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